Why the Balenciagar Shoes controversy is getting a second look: A guide to the most talked-about shoes

A Balenceri store in New York City is the subject of an online campaign to help raise awareness about the company’s footwear controversy.

The campaign, titled “The World’s Most Discriminating Shoes,” began Wednesday with an online petition and a Twitter hashtag, #TheWorldsMostDiscriminatingSoles.

According to the petition, “a small group of people have been buying the shoes for over two decades” and that “the quality of the shoes has been compromised and in many cases, the quality of their materials and craftsmanship has been replaced by inferior products.”

The campaign says that while Balencegara has made “many improvements,” it’s not a quality company and “they are not a good name for a company that is making shoes that are made from animal skins.”

“Balenciagas shoes are made with a very different method of production,” the petition reads.

“We are outraged by the fact that these shoes are sold as ‘Balencegal’, a word used by some people to describe a ‘clean’ way of life, but they are not clean and are actually more harmful to the environment than Balencin.”

A Balenca brand spokesman said the company was aware of the campaign and has contacted the retailers that sell the shoes to find out about the issue.

“Balentech has always been committed to providing our customers with the very best products, and we are committed to working with our retailers to make sure that the Balentech name is used in a manner that is fair, accurate, and does not compromise the quality or the quality and craft of our products,” the statement reads.

The company is also working to ensure that it’s able to continue its work in the fashion industry and is working with the U.S. Department of Justice and other regulatory authorities, the spokesman said.

“We believe that the issue of the ‘Balentec’ name is a serious issue and we want to be very clear that the word ‘Balens’ does not represent any of our factories,” the spokesman added.

“In addition to the fact, we have invested heavily in the manufacture of Balencos shoes and we continue to be a proud supporter of our factory.”

The Balencomas spokesman said Balentec is committed to doing its utmost to comply with the rules and regulations of the International Labour Organization.

“The quality of our work is the foundation of our brand and our employees’ work and we have a very high standard of quality,” the spokesperson said.

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