Why Nike Custom Shoes Might Be the Future of Shoes

Adidas is betting on shoes that deliver the kind of performance the brand can’t yet deliver with its traditional running shoes, even if that means breaking into the $50-$80 range.

The brand’s newest shoe, the Nike Custom NMD, is the first to hit the market in more than a decade.

It uses the same construction and materials used in its classic running shoes but offers more of a sport-inspired feel and is more expensive.

Adidas is investing $100 million in the new shoe.

The NMD is the company’s latest entry into the high-performance footwear market.

Adidas already sells more than 100 of the shoes, and its NMD will be the latest in a string of sneakers to hit stores.

The new Nike Custom sneakers are the latest to take on the running shoe market, which has historically been dominated by high-end footwear.

The Nike NMD has a cushioning system and an improved grip to help keep the shoe in place.

It also offers more comfort and less impact, according to Adidas.

Nike has been trying to develop more efficient, affordable running shoes for years, and this latest offering may be a step toward that goal.

The sneaker comes in three colors: red, blue and pink.

It’s available for preorder now, and it will start at $130.

Adidas will also sell other Adidas shoes in the shoe line, and those include a black-and-white pair in black and white and a blue-and-“white” pair in blue.

Nike is selling the shoes for a low price in Europe and Australia, and the company plans to launch the shoe later this year.

The shoe is the latest Nike entry into high-profile shoes, with the company also releasing the Nike Zoom, which is similar to the Nike Run, but for running.

The Zoom shoes are available in a range of colors, from a black, to a pink and to a black and blue.

Adidas has also been releasing a number of other shoes, including its popular Air Zoom, a running shoe that is about the size of a basketball and offers a more premium feel.

The shoes are made by Nike’s shoe partner, Adidas Originals, and are available on Amazon, and in a limited run of 750 pairs.

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