Why men are paying more for women’s golf shoes

Women are paying for men’s golf footwear more than ever before, according to a new report from the consumer research firm Mintel.

The report found that women spend about half of their budget on footwear, while men are spending more on men’s shoes.

The findings highlight how the changing demographics of women’s footwear, and the shifting consumer expectations for how to dress and wear them, have contributed to a $1 billion annual surge in the number of women buying footwear.

“The consumer needs are much more specific now,” said Jennifer Zimring, a research analyst with Mintel’s research division.

“They need more specific footwear.

The same shoe can have different functions for men and women, and you want to make sure that you are paying attention to the fit of the shoe, as opposed to the color and the pattern.”

The report also found that men’s footwear is now more popular than women’s in nearly every major market.

For instance, men’s sales were up almost 13% in the U.S. and Canada in the year ending in March, while women’s sales rose 8%.

Men’s footwear accounted for nearly a quarter of all sales in North America.

“Women’s footwear has always been more expensive,” Zimbing said.

“It’s definitely an important part of the market for men.”

Mintel also found the top five most-popular footwear brands in each of the five major market categories, with men’s brands accounting for 14 of the top 20.

The most popular men’s shoe brand was the Nike Zoom Flex.

Nike’s Zoom Flex was also a top-selling men’s model in the 2017 Men’s Golf Shoes Survey.

The top 10 most popular women’s shoe brands in the survey were: Nikes Originals, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Abercrombie & Fitch, Reebok and Converse.

The least popular womens brands were the Gap and Nike.

The study was based on Mintel survey data collected from 1,000 U.K. men and 1,500 U.G. women.