Why Adidas is giving the world a brand new shoe every day

With each passing day, the world is getting a brand-new pair of Adidas shoes.

But it turns out the new sneakers are just the first in a long line of footwear designs that will come with new designs and more colors.

The company says there are “up to a dozen” designs on the way, and they’re all being designed for the summer.

Adidas says it’s also “creating a new range of footwear for the fall” that “will take the excitement out of running, cycling, and running outdoors.”

While that sounds great on the surface, Adidas also announced a new line of shoes for “a variety of different outdoor activities” in the coming months.

The range includes “shoes designed for people with disabilities, as well as shoes that are built to last.”

For example, the company says that a shoe designed for “children with disabilities” will be a “great addition to any kids’ shoe collection,” while a shoe with a design for “adolescents” will “give them a little bit of fun for the first time.”

There are also new footwear designed for older people, like the “slim” shoe, which is a “fit for older adults.”

And the company is also releasing a new collection of shoes that is “designed for people who love to be outdoors.”

“For outdoor adventures, Adidas has a collection of footwear that is built to support you, your team, and your team’s adventure,” the company said.

“These sneakers will be great for those of you who enjoy the outdoors.”

You can pre-order the shoes for $120 each, but Adidas says the company has a limited supply and is offering a free shipping discount for pre-orders.

We’ve reached out to Adidas for more details on these new designs, and we’ll update this article if we hear back.