When is the last time you saw a baby walking in the East Bay?

When was the last baby walking?

The last time I saw a little girl walk?

This is one of the reasons I think it is important to keep babies in their cribs, says Dr. Amy Novello, RN, the director of pediatric endocrinology at UC San Francisco Children’s Hospital.

Babies need a crib, she says.

If they have been in a crib for too long, they will develop a sleep apnea syndrome, which means they cannot breathe.

This means they won’t be able to breathe properly.

Novellos lab tests babies and their families to find the presence of sleep apneas, and her team recommends that babies be kept in their own cribs until age 3 months.

But when babies are in their mother’s arms, it can be difficult for them to sleep.

“They have this sense of safety that they have to be careful of,” says Novella.

“That’s where it becomes more complicated.”

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that infants be in a “comfortable” or “recreational” crib with a mattress.

But the cribs that come standard in many homes are not designed to be the ideal sleep environment for infants, and Novelli recommends that parents be careful when choosing a crib.

She also says that parents should have the option to bring their own baby carrier to the crib, but that there is little research to suggest that carriers are helpful for babies.

“Crib carriers are not a cure-all,” says Dr (and baby-care expert) Dr. Paul C. Rabinowitz, M.D., president of the Association for Safe Cribs, which advocates for safe cribs.

“But they can help,” says Rabinowsky, who also advises the National Committee on Infant Sleep.

Navellos and her colleagues also recommend that parents keep their baby with them at all times, including during bedtime, but they also recommend keeping cribs in close proximity to the child.

“If you have a little boy, he’s going to have to sit on your lap and stay there all night,” says Bexar County Judge, John J. Fortunato, who oversees the county’s Child Safety and Quality District.

Nadellos has found that babies in cribs who are too close to the mother, who may have sleep apnoea or other medical conditions, are more likely to develop sleep apraxia.

This is because they are not getting enough oxygen in their lungs.

And since infants are less than 5 pounds, babies who are in close quarters can become dehydrated.

Babysitters should also be vigilant about the environment they put their babies in.

“You should never put your baby in a crate unless you have the best of intentions,” says Jody Tompkins, an RN and founder of the Babysitter’s Aid program, which helps mothers with childcare responsibilities.

“There is no safe space in a safe room.”

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