What’s on your shopping list for the autumn?

The season is here, and in the US, shoppers have a wide choice of shoes.

This article examines which styles are on your to-do list.1.

Ryka Shoes, Allbirds Shoes and Nike+Wool Shoes are all great brands, and each is worth checking out, though there’s something to be said for Allbirds’ casual sneakers. 


These boots are designed for walking and can also be worn in the office, though it’s worth mentioning that they have a bit of a price tag on the retail side (around $600). 


These sneakers are made in the UK, but you’ll be able to pick up a pair at Walmart or Boots (see the links below for more details).4.

These jeans can be worn with a suit or dress, although there’s no word on availability or price.5.

These shoes have a similar design to the Nike+X sneakers, but with a slimmer toe and a less pointed toe.6.

These Nike+V sneaker pairs are designed to be worn on the go.7.

These Adidas sneakers come in three different sizes: Medium, Large and XL. 8.

These Nikes have a great deal of options, including two in the $300-$400 range. 


Nike+Laces are made for women and are perfect for casual wear, with leather and suede detailing. 


Nike says that you can get these shoes at any Nike store in the country (the US and Canada). 


These suede-wool sneakers can be found in pairs from Adidas, Nike and Reebok, and are available in sizes ranging from XS to XXL. 


These pair of sneakers are available for pre-order on Amazon (although it seems unlikely to be available in time for Christmas). 


These are the new Adidas Nikes with a more casual feel, but have an extra $400 price tag (the Nike+G shoes are still available, though). 


These have been redesigned for summer and are the latest Nike+-inspired shoes. 


These high-top sneakers come with a black, leather, leather strap and a nylon lining, and they’re available in a variety of colours. 


These black-and-white sneakers are the same as the Nike+, but have a black leather strap instead of a white leather strap. 


This is a black Nike+ G sneaker that is also available in black leather. 


This black Nike X sneaker is available for purchase at Walmart, but is a bit pricier than the Nike X-S. 


This Nike+B sneaker has a black mesh lining and a black nylon strap.20.

These new Nike+S shoes have new branding and are currently being sold in stores, so you may have to make do with the stock of the first version. 


Nike is also selling the NikePlusPlus 3 shoe, which is a Nike+Plus shoe that can be upgraded to a NikePlus Plus 2, and has a new mesh lining, black leather, mesh lining with suede stitching, and a suede heel. 


These two Nike+H sneakers have a mesh lining that is slightly different than the previous Nike+ sneakers, with suedes on the tongue and heel and the Nike logo on the midsole. 


These three Nike+ shoes have suede overlays on the heel and on the upper. 


These will be the first Nike+ shoe to have suedes. 


These leather-inspired Nike+s will be available for sale on Amazon. 


These Black Nike+C shoes are available at Walmart and Boots. 


Nike’s newest shoe, the Nikeplus+X, has been redesigned and will be released later this year. 


Nike will release its new Nikeplus-inspired shoe, Nike++S, on October 4th. 


This pair of Nike+A sneakers have been made with the same material as the new Nike+, and will come in black, grey, brown and pink leather.30.

These Air Maxx sneakers are a bit cheaper than the new Air MaxXs, which are now $600-700. 


These were first available for the US market on March 31st, so it will be interesting to see if they will be sold at any retailers this week. 


Nike has made a new NikePlus+ shoe, but it’s not available for direct sales, so check back on Monday for an update. 


These premium-quality shoes have been designed for the office and can be purchased for $500-700 at Nike stores. 


Nike recently announced that they would be introducing the Nike Plus shoe on April 2nd, but this will only be available at Nike retail stores.


These kicks are available online and at

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