What we learned from our time with the LG G4

We spent a week with the newly announced LG G5, and I’ll try to answer some of the most common questions we’ve been asked about the handset.1.

When does the LGG5 go on sale?

It’ll launch in Europe in February.2.

Is there a microSD card slot?

There is, but the LG is limited to 16GB of memory, not the 32GB of the HTC 10.3.

Will the G5 come with a fingerprint scanner?

No, the fingerprint sensor will be built into the phone, but you can’t use it to unlock the phone.4.

Is the fingerprint scanner integrated into the back of the phone?


The sensor sits on top of the front camera.5.

How will LG’s curved glass display work?

LG’s glass display is curved, with a thin edge that gives it a wider viewing angle.6.

Does LG include a speaker?

The G5 has a speaker, but it doesn’t make any sound when the phone is held in your hand.7.

Will LG include an IR blaster?


Does the LG have an optional 3D Touch technology?

Yes, but only for LG.9.

Can the LG use Google Assistant?


You can ask LG to do things for you.10.

Is LG’s camera a dual-camera system?

Nope, but that doesn’t mean you can skip over the camera altogether.

The LG G6 is the first phone to be released from LG, and it will be priced at €599 ($739).

LG has already launched the LG-made G5 and G6, and the company is expecting to launch a slew of new phones in the coming months.

The G6 will be the company’s first flagship phone to have an OLED screen, and its new dual-screen system means it can boast the best possible picture quality on the market right now.

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