What to know about the new Dior shoes

The new Doria shoes are set to hit stores in mid-May, and they’re packed with features.

Dior’s new “Dior’s Dream” shoe collection, for instance, features three different colorways of dior’s signature black lace up sandals.

In addition to the new colorways, the new shoes are also available in a black colorway and a white colorway.

The shoes are available for $120 and are available now on Dior.com.

The Dior Dream shoes will retail for $110. 

The other new shoe in the collection is the black lace-up sandal, which is set to be the new black shoe color for the fall season.

The new sandals are a bit larger than the regular sandals, but they also feature the Dior trademark silhouette and feature a mesh upper that wraps around the heel.

The black sandals will be available for just $85. 

As for the dior shoe, the Doria Dream is still available in black, white, and pink.

They will be sold exclusively through Dior retail stores.

Doria has already announced that the diar shoe will be the last of the diaz shoes. 

I think the dia dior dior sandals have a great look and feel and have a good weight, too.

The dior dream is an excellent shoe for summer, and I think it will be a popular shoe.