The next generation of women’s tennis shoes: Barefoot shoes

A new generation of female tennis shoes could revolutionise women’s sporting footwear, with the latest models from the company bringing an alternative to the traditional tennis shoe.

The women’s shoes company Barefoot is introducing the first female-only tennis shoe in more than a decade.

The company launched a women’s basketball shoe in 2014, and the next generation is expected to include more women’s sports shoes in the coming years.

A spokesperson for Barefoot said the new shoes were created to provide the ultimate in women’s fitness.

“We’ve seen a massive demand for women’s footwear from the women who wear them on a daily basis, but we were never sure how much of a demand they would have for a female-specific shoe,” the spokesperson said.

“Women’s shoes are becoming increasingly popular, so we felt it was time to create a women-specific footwear line that would provide the best women’s shoe experience to women.”

Barefoot’s new tennis shoes are made with a unique blend of polyurethane and a new synthetic leather that it says offers the most flexible design.

“The synthetic leather provides an incredibly lightweight and flexible material that is incredibly comfortable and can be worn on the court, even on top of a tennis shoe,” said Barefoot’s chief marketing officer, Liza St. James.

“It’s not only great for our women’s athletes, it’s great for women who play tennis, too.

It’s a great shoe for women.”

The new female-exclusive shoes are designed with a “super soft” midsole that “takes advantage of the unique shape and function of the foot and ankle” to help the athlete “feel comfortable in their feet on and off the court”.

“In fact, when you wear a pair of the new tennis-specific shoes, your feet will feel more natural and responsive,” the spokeswoman said.

The new shoes are also designed to provide a more flexible shoe design than traditional tennis shoes, offering “no-slip sole” for a “smooth and cushioned fit”.

“These shoes will also be great for a lot of women who need a bit more cushion, but want to go for a more athletic experience,” the company said.

While women’s soccer and basketball shoes are still popular, the new women’s barefoot footwear is “more targeted towards men”, with the goal of introducing the shoe to the wider sports market.

“As the sport of tennis has grown in popularity, so has the demand for footwear that gives the best fit and feel,” the statement said.

Bareton said the company was working with the tennis federation to launch the women’s cleat tennis shoes in 2018, and that it was working to create new footwear specifically for female athletes.

“Bareft’s sole will be made of a superior, synthetic material that offers the best traction, support and comfort to the feet and ankle,” the firm said.

A spokeswoman for the Tennis Federation of Australia said the women tennis shoe was “an excellent introduction to the game and the brand is committed to building an active and passionate female tennis community”.

“We know that a good women’s sport is key to building a strong, supportive and committed female tennis team,” she said.

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