Nike is finally making underarmwear for kids

Nike is finally bringing underarm clothing to kids.

According to Recode, the company is rolling out the first pair of shoes made with a specially designed material that’s made from microfibre.

The company says the shoes are made to help kids who might struggle with physical and emotional maturity, such as those with autism.

It says the material, called microfiber, has been developed to reduce friction and build strength in the body. 

Recode says the shoe’s creators, who include Nike, had a team of designers and engineers work on the design.

“This is a product that has been built to help the developing world and is a world first, a world-first in the footwear industry,” said Nick Yoder, Nike’s senior vice president of global marketing and partnerships.

The shoes will go on sale in stores in November, according to the website.

Nike is one of several footwear companies trying to make underarm clothes for kids.

Last month, the British company said it had developed a line of underarm products for children, which includes Under Armour, Nike and Under Armour UK. 

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