Kobe Bryant’s shoes are now the most expensive in the NBA – the latest report

Kobe Bryant has announced that his new Kobe shoe, the Kobe 7, will set the most valuable NBA record, with a price tag of $4.7m.

The 7 shoe is the most costly basketball shoe ever sold in the US.

The first one sold for $3.5m.

In a statement released by his company, Nike, Bryant said the Kobe 9, the Nike LeBron 11, and the Nike Air Max are also the most popular basketball shoes in the world.

“These shoes are the most sought after sneakers in the history of the NBA and are the hottest sellers on eBay.

They are among the most well-loved sneakers ever produced and the most recognizable and loved by the entire NBA,” Bryant said.”

The Kobe 9 and 9 are the top-selling sneakers in history, with sales exceeding $5.7 million in the first week of March.”

It’s hard to believe Kobe Bryant is the only player in history who has owned two iconic sneakers.

In the last 10 years, Kobe has become one of the most iconic athletes in sports.

The Kobe 7 is the best-selling shoe in the Nike family and is the second most-liked shoe in history.

The Nike Air Jordan 8 is the top selling basketball shoe in US history and is a worldwide brand.

“Bryant’s footwear company, Kobe, was founded by his father, Kobe Bryant, in 1998.

The company has sold more than 20 million Kobe shoes worldwide.

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