How to wear ugly shoes

Shoes with large feet are probably not what you were expecting.

But if you’re looking for the most ugly shoes, look no further than Nordstrom. 

The shoe chain’s new collection of “ugly” and “stupid” shoes is a great example of why. 

“We’re excited to celebrate the beauty of women’s bodies and our bodies’ beauty, but we are also confident in the power of fashion,” the chain’s head of beauty, Kate L. Dutton, said in a statement.

“Our collection is about taking your body and transforming it into something truly beautiful.” 

Read more at The Huffington Post  Dutton said the company is “focusing on empowering women with the tools to take care of themselves and their bodies, with the help of makeup, skin care, and grooming services, and with the power to transform their bodies in ways that truly inspire confidence.”

The company is also taking aim at the “beauty industry.”

“As beauty and beauty brands, we have an obligation to our communities to be the best we can be, to treat them with respect, and to treat our products with care,” L.D. said in the statement. 

But there’s one big problem with Nordstrom’s collection: it doesn’t actually exist. 

It was only revealed last month, after a user submitted a request to the chain to list their collection, and the company responded with an email, which I received via email.

“The answer to your query about our collection is no,” the company wrote.

“We are not in the business of producing, selling, or selling cosmetics.

This is not what we do.” 

The spokesperson did not respond to my questions about why this wasn’t on the website. 

Dutons’ spokesperson, who is also the head of marketing for the company, did not return an email request for comment.

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