How to shop for new shoes in high-top shoes

High-top shoe companies are struggling to keep up with demand for their new shoes.

But some are already starting to look for ways to appeal to women.

For instance, merrell and HiLo are starting to launch new high-tech shoes that will let women buy them without having to worry about getting pregnant.

Merrell has also started offering its women a choice of low-impact, comfortable shoes that can be worn all day.

“We know there are a lot of women who want to go out and feel like a woman, but they don’t have the same opportunities as they would have with a men’s shoe,” Merrell President and CEO Marc Pinto said.

“So, we’re taking a step forward in that realm with our women’s shoe line.”

Pinto says the company has had success with its low-profile women’s shoes, such as the HiLo 3 and HiLite.

Merll shoes, however, have been more successful with men.

In fact, the company says that women make up 70 percent of the sales of its men’s line.

Pinto thinks that women will be attracted to Merrell’s women’s line because of its appeal to low-maintenance women, which can include moms, people who work part time and people who want a more casual look.

“Women who are trying to take their health and wellness to a new level have really found a niche, so it’s not a niche for just women,” he said.

Merrell, the largest shoe maker in the world, says its sales of men’s shoes are up 60 percent since it started offering women’s high-tops in 2014.

The company has also been able to make a dent in its men-centric shoes market.

In the U.S., Merrell is now selling a total of about 6 million men’s high tops, compared with 4 million women’s.

But, Pinto says, the low-end market is still growing at a slow rate.

The average price for a high-quality men’s men’s is about $200, while a high quality men’s women can go for about $250.

And, he said, high-end shoes have become so popular with women that Merrell may have to look into creating a separate line for women.

“It’s a little bit of a double whammy,” Pinto explained.

“Women are looking for that comfort and it’s more comfortable for them, but also it’s a lot more affordable.”

Merrell’s goal is to make its women’s menis low-top line a reality by 2018.

Pinto thinks the company is already starting with the HiLites, which will go on sale in June.

Merll is also making changes to its mens shoes, including adding more comfort for women, according to Pinto.

It’s also looking to introduce its women-focused line to the men.

Pinta says that Merll has not yet decided whether to add a women’s version of its HiLo or HiLo 2 shoes to its women line.

And he says Merrell will not start adding women’s low-tops to its male line until later this year.

But Pinto does think that Merls low-priced shoes will become a bigger seller in the future.

“I think we’re really going to see that [high-top] market explode over the next couple of years,” he told NBC News.

“We’re going to have women who have to buy a pair of high-heeled shoes just to get to the office, and they’re going buy them as much as men.”