How to save money on shoes when it comes to shopping for new shoes

RICK OWENS has a new shoes line to support the Australian War Memorial, with his online store being inundated with people wanting to buy them.

RICK OWEN is the latest celebrity to get involved in the war memorial.

Photo: Getty Images In the wake of the deadly attacks on the War Memorial on Friday night, the online store has been inundated by fans of the actor who played Mr Hawke in the ABC drama The X Factor.

People are buying Rick Owens shoes on the Rick Owens online store in Melbourne, Australia.

“People are really desperate to buy Rick Owens sneakers right now and they’re doing so on the basis that he’s going to help us get back home,” said Chris Waugh, the managing director of Rick Owens Shoes, in an interview with ABC News.

But Mr Waugh also said he was not interested in helping out with the war monument, as it was just a “fancy” project for the retailer.

When Rick Owens launched his online shop in January, it sold for around $70,000, but the brand is now selling for $150,000.

It has sold around 2.5 million pairs, and Mr Waughes estimated that sales are down around 20 per cent due to the Memorial day crowds.

He said the store would continue to sell Rick Owens products until they run out, which means it is unlikely to be a sustainable business for the company.

In a statement on its website, Rick Owens said the footwear had been a “life changing experience” for its staff, customers and team members.

The company also said the shoe was designed to celebrate the importance of military service and “celebrate the sacrifices made by those who wear it”.

The store will still offer Rick Owens footwear, but will now only be selling “classic styles” including the Adidas Zoom Boost, Nike Boost 350, and Adidas Boost 350 Trainer.

There are also Rick Owens men’s and women’s shoes.

Rick Owens Shoes said it would not be discontinuing the Rick O’Connor range.

Its founder Rick Owens is pictured here with his daughter, who is now in Melbourne.

After the shooting of Mr Hawkes on Friday, Rick Oakes shoes were sold out of the company’s online store.

Mr Waugh said it was disappointing that Rick Owens had not been able to reach out to customers to help with the Memorial Day sales, and that it was a great time to buy a pair of shoes.

“We’ve got a big war memorial right next door and the only way that we’re going to get them back is through Rick Owens,” he said.

“[If] we were to do this one shoe or one item at a time we’re just going to lose out.”

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