How to get rid of your “clunky” shoe: “They’re going to make you look ugly”

You can’t always go from “cluttered” to “no shoes,” but if you don’t want to wear those shoes, here are some simple steps to make sure you don’ have to resort to the dreaded shoe removal procedure.


Find a shoe store that doesn’t carry shoes The easiest and cheapest option is to find a shoe shop that sells shoes for less than $20.

There are also many stores that offer a variety of styles, colors and sizes.

If you can’t find a place with the shoes you want, there are a few options you can try: 1.

Go to a local department store and look for a pair of shoes you can pair up with a different pair of clothes.


Shop online.

If the online retailer has shoe sections that you can buy and return, it can save you money by buying multiple pairs of shoes.


Go online to find local retailers.

Some of these are just as affordable as a store.


Check your local codes.

The codes you’ll need to enter to shop in the shoe section of a local shoe store vary depending on the store and city.

For example, if you live in a city with a code for “soleless shoes,” you’ll be able to shop with a “sole-less” pair of sneakers.

If your city doesn’t have a code, you’ll have to shop online for “clunkers.”


Look for a shoe that fits your feet.

There’s nothing wrong with having a pair that fits.

If that’s the case, check out our article on how to find shoes that fit.


Get creative.

Some people love to find creative ways to change the look of their shoes.

Here are a couple of ways to help you get your shoes looking their best.

1, Remove the toe box 2, Remove some of the padding and straps 3, Take out the “clump” and/or “clique” in the heel 4, Add some texture to the upper 5, Add an additional “stretch” to the heel 7, Add a “panty pocket” or a “faux heel” 8, Add “fringes” to your shoes 9, Add extra padding to your foot 10, Remove or change the color of your shoes 11, Add decorative embroidery on your shoes 12, Add lace to your heel 13, Add pockets on your heels 14, Add earrings, necklaces, bracelets, neckrings, or earrings to your shoe 15, Add/remove “flats” or “slabs” on your shoe 16, Add more fabric to your feet 17, Add padding or “clumps” to any of your other shoes 18, Add or remove a heel guard 19, Add your name to a shoe collection 20, Add custom logos to your sneakers 21, Add special shoe tags like a “clutter” or an “unnecessary” heel 22, Add straps to your soles 23, Add stripes or embroideries to your footwear 24, Add leather or canvas “tassels” to every shoe or pair of footwear 25, Add stickers or designs to your shoelaces 26, Add stitching to the top of your shoe or boots 27, Add tongue-and-groove embroiderys or stitching to your socks 28, Add logos to shoes 29, Add accessories like laces, earrings and bracelets to your boots 30, Add embroideried “cotton” earrings 31, Add chain to your heels 32, Add other styles of embellishments 33, Add buttons or straps to shoes 34, Add strap stripes or buttons or hooks to your toes 35, Add small buttons or loops to your sole 36, Add threading or threading to your cleats 37, Add zipper to your pant legs 38, Add lining to your pants 39, Add embellishment to your bottom or hem 40, Add stretch marks or creases to your bottoms 41, Add ribbon to your dress pants 42, Add fabric to the sides of your dress or pants 43, Add additional lace to the front of your pant 44, Add laces or other decorative stitching to each of your footwear 45, Add pleats or pleats to your trouser pants 46, Add the ability to attach a “shoe strap” to each foot 47, Add eyelets or eyelets on your feet 48, Add detailing to your toe box 49, Add details to your top of the shoe 50, Add leg braces 51, Add rivets or rivets to your boot heel 52, Add embossing to the side of your foot 53, Add sewing to the bottom of your boot 54, Add glue to your strap 55, Add appliqué to the boot 56, Add hand embroidering to each shoe 57, Add cufflinks to the shoe 58, Add tape to your cuff and toe shoes 59, Add shoulder straps 60, Add elastic to your belt 61,

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