How to get rid of clown shoes

Clown shoes can be dangerous for kids, and the ones they make can be extremely harmful for them too.

You’ve heard the stories about the scary clowns in your neighbourhood, or the people who have gotten in trouble for trying to walk down a street wearing them.

These clown shoes may look harmless and cute, but are they the best solution?

They’re actually made of latex and plastic, which are toxic.

Here’s why you should always get rid, even if you don’t have children in mind.

Why do I need to wear clown shoes?

Clown shoes make children sick.

They can make them feel uncomfortable, irritable, and even vomit.

Some clowns even use them as weapons.

The latex is also very hard, which means they can stick to your skin.

You can wear them in the shower, and you can wear the ones in public, too.

They are also a hazard for children and pets, because they can make people think that they’re being held hostage.

What if I don’t want to wear them?

Clowns wear clowns shoes as a symbol of their power.

When they’re not wearing them, they can be terrifying, especially if they’re wearing them for too long.

They also look like clowns, so people think they’re doing something dangerous.

So if you want to keep them out of your home, wear them for at least five minutes after leaving the house.

Don’t wear them while driving, or when using the toilet.

Keep them in a safe place.

Use gloves when you go shopping, because the latex can scratch your skin and you could get an infection.

Wear a mask if you’re in public.

Use a mask when you’re working, because latex can get on your eyes and nose.

Wear them while exercising, because you can get an an infection from the rubber that makes up the shoe.

Keep wearing them after work or in the car.

When you’re on a date or holiday, you may want to be careful not to wear these clown shoes in public because they could scare off your date or family members.

What do I do if I feel uncomfortable?

If you’re not sure if clown shoes are appropriate for you, talk to your doctor.

This might include talking to someone at a doctor’s office.

You might also be able to get advice from your friends or neighbours, if you feel you don, like wearing the shoes can get you into trouble.

What to do if you wear a clown shoe in public The safest way to avoid wearing a clown shoes is to wear gloves when wearing them in public or when walking down a road.

You should also wear a mask while walking down the street.

The rubber can scratch the skin on your face, so wear a rubber mask if that happens.

But don’t wear it in public when using public transport, because rubber can be slippery and you might fall into a drain.

When wearing the latex, wear gloves so they can protect your hands.

You also should never wear a pair of clown boots in public with other people.

If you wear them, you can have them removed and put on a different pair.

You’re also advised to wash your hands after wearing them and before using them in an emergency.

Keep a bucket of water nearby if you need to wash them, because that can wash the rubber off your hands and make them sticky.

If the rubber is stuck on your hands, it’s very easy to get an STI or get infected.

If someone touches your hands or skin while wearing clown shoes or any other rubber-based footwear, do not touch them or let them touch you.

This is because latex is very hard and can stick around the skin and cause infection.

What are the possible side effects of wearing clown footwear?

It’s important to know that wearing these shoes can cause a lot of problems for children.

You could get a STI.

Some children can get infections from wearing clowns or other rubber shoes, and they could have a sore nose or throat.

The shoes could also be uncomfortable.

For kids who are not wearing gloves, they may get a fever and a sore throat.

If your child has an STIs, or you think you may have one, you should call your doctor right away and ask if there’s any way you can treat it.

This could include antibiotics, anti-histamines, or some type of pain reliever.

What else should I do to protect myself?

Wear gloves when walking around with your feet and wear a hat to keep your face from getting wet.

Don�t leave shoes in your car.

And wear gloves while you’re riding a bike.

Wear your mask at all times when you are on the road and when riding a bicycle.

You may also need to change into your mask and gloves while driving.

But keep them on in the bathroom and outside the house when you aren’t using them.

Keep your children close when you change into the mask and they’re in the house, too, because clown shoes can make children feel uncomfortable.

Read more about safety

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