How to buy Adidas Adizero shoes in Ireland

Adidas have confirmed that they will soon be offering a range of new shoes in the Republic of Ireland, with the company announcing the launch of two new Adidas shoes, the Adizeros shoes.

The company will be launching the new shoes at a number of retailers in Ireland, including Ulta and T-Shirt Shop, in the coming days.

In a press release, the company announced the Adidas Adizeros shoes will feature a lightweight, rubber sole, a new mesh upper, and a mesh tongue for a more natural fit.

It will also feature a mesh upper and a lower for added comfort.

The new Adidas Adizoos shoes are designed to offer a “comfortable, flexible and supportive experience”, according to the company.

The shoes will be available in a range from $130 for the white version to $190 for the black version, which will feature an updated midsole with a synthetic rubber sole.

The shoes will retail for €190 and €220, respectively.

Adidas have not said when the shoes will launch in the UK, but we’ve reached out to Adidas for further details.