How the ’90s wore out its welcome: It’s the worst decade ever

Vice News is reporting that millennials are the worst generation ever.

From their love of social media to their ever-growing tastes in fashion, it’s hard to ignore their penchant for the past.

This year, Vice News spoke with more than a dozen millennial fashion bloggers, and found that there’s a lot of confusion surrounding this generation.

Here’s what we found.

First up, millennials aren’t necessarily looking for a “good” or “bad” thing to wear.

They’re looking for something they love.

For the first time in a generation, it seems like they’re embracing fashion.

In a survey of over 500 millennial fashion blogs, they said they want something they’re “really proud of.”

This was the only group to report the majority of their fashion content was inspired by fashion.

While they love the new trends, they also said they’re going to shop a little older, so they can appreciate the past better.

Here are some of their favorite things to wear this year: