‘Funny’ Shoes Cover ‘Lazy Girl’ Cover


— — At least two of the Nike shoes featured in a Nike ad featuring a cartoon character on a skateboard with the word “lazy” on it, were not actually made by Nike.

The ad, released this week on Nike.com, features a skateboarding parody titled “Lazy Boy” that uses a clip from the popular video game “Super Mario Bros.” to portray the character, “Lazys” as he goes about his day.

The ad was originally intended for the online retailer’s website, which is set up to sell merchandise that is only available to the public.

In the ad, the character’s skateboard is parked at a park, and “Liz,” who plays the character “Lacy,” is talking to her friend. 

“It’s about the freedom that comes with freedom, so I guess I have to say, I don’t really like being lazy,” the character says, referencing Nike’s slogan of “Free Your Mind.”

“So I’m sitting here and I just want to have some fun,” Liz says.

“But you know what, I’m lazy.” 

“The lacy” character is voiced by actor/comedian Adam DeVine, who played the librarian in the popular YouTube series “The Librarian” from 2009 to 2011.

“The Librarians” is a series about the adventures of a librarian who travels through time to solve crimes, but was not produced by Nike or anyone associated with the company, a spokesperson for the ad told The Huffington Post.

“There is no Nike product that references the Lazy Boy character,” the spokesperson said. 

Nike is not the only brand that has used a clip of “Lizzy” in an ad. 

In August, Nike debuted the ads for “Miley Cyrus’ Never Miss A Beat” video and the “Famous for Life” music video, which was directed by James Franco.

“Lazy girl” in the ads is also a reference to the song “Loser,” by country singer Nicki Minaj, which has gained popularity online and on the radio.

Minaj’s song was inspired by the ad’s parody, which features a woman sitting in her car, playing video games and trying to get to the beach. 

The Nike ad has since been removed from Nike.net.

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