Damian Lillard is a shoe-buying machine!

Damian Lamell is a great player who is one of the most underrated players in the NBA.

He is the player who can be the most dangerous player in the league when the team needs him most. 

However, Lillard has had some issues that may lead to his potential becoming a less productive player as the year goes on. 

Lillard averaged only 17.4 points, 3.5 rebounds and 4.1 assists last year. 

He also shot a dismal 39.9% from the field. 

This has led to a lot of criticism from the fans, and some fans have even gone as far as to criticize the shoe company for putting a shoe on Damian Lillards shoes. 

There are many people who say that Lillard shoes are too expensive, that he is not a good shooter, and that he should be taking better care of his body. 

But, it is clear that Lillard does have flaws that can hinder his ability to play at a high level. 

One of the things that is lacking in Lillards game is that he does not shoot enough. 

According to Synergy Sports Technology, Lillarcolls true shooting percentage was 41.6%, which was only slightly better than the 41.1% mark that he shot in 2016. 

Another issue that has plagued Lillard’s game is his inability to make shots in transition. 

In the past, Lillells transition game has been a big issue, as he often gets caught in the post, but this season, he is only averaging 4.2 assists per game. 

It has been the best season for Lillard since he joined the Golden State Warriors, so it is no surprise that he has struggled to find the shot that he needs to be effective. 

While Lillard does not have a glaring flaw in his game, his offensive game is something that needs to improve if he wants to become a top player in his profession. 

When you look at the top-10 NBA players, Lellards shot percentages do not look that bad. 

For example, Kevin Durant has shot 40.5% from deep in his career, while Lillard only shot 32.1%. 

Lillard is also shooting 42.2% from beyond the arc. 

If Lillard can improve his 3-point shooting, he can be an elite shooter who can still be effective in the playoffs. 

And, Lills ability to rebound would also be a huge plus if he can make more of his shots at the rim. 

These are some of the issues that Llladl has with his game.

He has shown that he can shoot the ball well, but the problem is that his shooting has become one of his biggest flaws. 

The problem is not just that he struggles to make enough shots in the paint, but he has the tendency to miss jumpers, which could lead to a poor shot. 

His defense is also lacking. 

Some might argue that Lellillard is not the best defender in the entire league, but his ability on defense is not what the league needs right now. 

I think that Lells best trait is his ability in the pick and roll. 

Whether it is guarding the rim or trying to help his teammates when he is on the court, Lllards ability to do so is a huge asset for a team. 

Additionally, Lelondell can make shots on defense when he needs it. 

That ability to defend a pick and pop is what makes him so effective on defense. 

During the 2017-18 NBA season, LLLillard posted a pick-and-roll efficiency rating of 1.2, which is actually lower than the league average. 

Therefore, if he was to improve his pick-up percentage, his pick and rolls efficiency rating would improve as well. 

Unfortunately, Llamondlls defense is a big part of his problem. 

Last year, Lameell averaged 11.3 blocks per game, which was good for ninth best in the NFL. 

At the NBA level, LLampards defensive numbers were even worse, as his defensive rating of 6.7 ranked him fourth worst among players. 

Furthermore, his defensive numbers are below average when it comes to blocking shots. 

Damian Lillard has the potential to become one one of NBA’s best defenders if he improves his shot and his defense.

It is obvious that LLLolls defensive game is lacking, but Lillalls ability to improve this part of the game could be a major benefit for the Golden States team in the future. 

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