‘Dad shoes, J Cole shoes, Keen shoes’ are now available on eBay for the bargain price of $2,800

Parents are selling the shoes they’ve used for years at a reduced price to eBay, and the site is offering a one-time rebate of 50% off.

“Dad shoes” have been a staple of dads’ footwear for generations, but there’s nothing quite like a pair of shoes that were once your own.

“It’s a special thing to be able to wear the shoes for years, and have the experience and feel of them and feel like a part of the family,” said Lisa McLeod, a Toronto-based father of three who started the seller.

“You’re not only being able to make that long-term, sentimental investment, but you’re also getting a piece of your dad’s wardrobe back.”

The deal starts Thursday and is valid until March 17.

McLeod said she hopes her dad will appreciate the money he saved from the shoes and buy a few more pairs.

“I think he’ll be really happy to hear about it,” she said.

McNeil said she’s not sure if she’ll make the rebate herself, but that she hopes it will be worth it.

“My dad loves shoes, and I think he will be very happy to know he’s helping my daughter out financially.”

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