How the ’90s wore out its welcome: It’s the worst decade ever

Vice News is reporting that millennials are the worst generation ever.From their love of social media to their ever-growing tastes in fashion, it’s hard to ignore their penchant for the past.This year, Vice News spoke with more than a dozen millennial fashion bloggers, and found that there’s a lot of confusion surrounding this generation.Here’s what […]

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How to buy good shoes

Wal-Mart’s first-ever collaboration with Nike, with the launch of the new Jordan shoes, has seen the company introduce a new shoe category: the J-Wear.The company is known for its minimalist silhouettes, but the JW-Wearing shoe series is the first to use the high-tech technology of the shoe’s maker, Luxottica.The shoes have a unique and minimalist […]

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Why men are paying more for women’s golf shoes

Women are paying for men’s golf footwear more than ever before, according to a new report from the consumer research firm Mintel.The report found that women spend about half of their budget on footwear, while men are spending more on men’s shoes.The findings highlight how the changing demographics of women’s footwear, and the shifting consumer […]

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