Apple launches ‘shoe-like’ Apple Watch Edition with waterproof case

The Apple Watch is here!

The Apple watch is here and it’s getting a waterproof case.

The new Apple Watch with the Apple Watch Sport Edition and the Apple watch with the new Apple watch Sport Edition are going to come in a variety of colors, including blue, yellow, orange, red, white, and black.

The Apple Watches with the Sport Edition will be available in a 12.9mm case, the Sport Watch Edition will also come in the new 12.8mm case and the new 15mm case.

And the new case is actually waterproof.

In addition to the new waterproof Apple Watch, the new Sport Edition is also waterproof.

You can also wear the new version of the Apple Watched watch with a variety other wearable technologies.

The only downside to the waterproof case is that the case is not made of metal.

You need to order it from the Apple website and it will cost you $299.99.

But, if you want to get it before the watch gets to your door, you can pre-order it and get it for $299 on December 8.

Apple is also adding the waterproof version of its watch to the lineup.

And you can get the waterproof Apple Watcher Edition for $349.99, which is just $50 more than the original.

Apple will also be offering a $200 upgrade to the AppleWatch Sport Edition, which will get you a case made of the metal and stainless steel.

The waterproof AppleWatch is also available in black, yellow and red, which are all available in the US.

The SportWatch Edition is available in four colors: blue, white and orange.

It will cost $299 when it launches.