Amazon has bought Red Shoes for $3.5 billion

Amazon has acquired the shoe brand Red Shoes, and the online retailer said the deal includes the rights to produce shoes and apparel for its online and brick-and-mortar retail business.

The deal is valued at $3,539 million, the company said.

The Amazon purchase is the second-largest deal Amazon has made in the past 12 months, following the purchase of a majority stake in online retailer Flipkart for $1.8 billion in July.

The acquisition of Red Shoes comes after the company recently acquired the brand Black Friday, which was also part of Flipkarts acquisition.

It also comes amid a global resurgence of the popular footwear brand.

Amazon said it will continue to invest in its brick- and-mortary retail businesses.

The retailer said it expects to continue to drive revenue growth through the year and said it would focus on its e-commerce business, which includes e-books, books and music, as well as other products.

The company said it has over 100 million paying customers and that it will invest $2.5bn in its ecommerce business by 2020.

Amazon has been on a buying spree in the footwear and apparel industry.

Earlier this month, the retailer said its annual retail sales in footwear, apparel and accessories increased 15% to $2 billion in the first quarter.

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