Adidas Golf Shoes to be sold in UK, US, Australia

A new adidas shoe, which has been developed in collaboration with British fashion designer Lola Gifford, will be available to buy in the UK and US.

The adidas Golf Shoe will be sold at the upcoming London Fashion Week, the brand said in a statement.

“Lola Gissenden has been a leading fashion designer for more than a decade and she’s proven herself a strong ambassador for adidas,” said Michael Tufeira, the chief executive of Adidas UK.

“She has designed many iconic shoes for both men and women, including the iconic Nike Air Max X, and adidas has a proven track record of producing high-quality shoes.”

“Lolas shoes are one of the most comfortable shoes on the market, and we’re delighted that they will be on display in our retail stores.”

The shoe, to be priced at £130, is being designed to appeal to younger men who may not have worn shoes in years, but may be keen to explore a new style of footwear.

“It’s a shoe that we’ve developed in partnership with Lola and our designers to bring the best in fashion and performance to the world,” Tufes said.

“This shoe is a testament to the global passion that has grown around the sport and will be a great addition to our range.”

Adidas Golf shoes are available to purchase in the United Kingdom at the official adidas store, as well as at the UK’s flagship department stores including HMV, BN, Sainsbury’s and Marks & Spencer.

In the US, the shoe will be released at the company’s New York City flagship store, and in Australia, the shoes will be launched at Foot Locker stores across Sydney and Melbourne.

In all, the adidas shoes will sell for £130 in the US and the shoe at the US store is expected to be released in April.

In other adidas news, a brand spokesman said the company is also set to launch a new pair of men’s shoes in the coming weeks.

The shoes are being designed by the brand’s fashion designer, Lola, and are set to be available in both men’s and women’s sizes.

“The shoes will feature a range of materials and styles, including our signature woven cotton upper and the Nike AirMax x.

The new Nike Air shoes are the perfect complement to the adiDAS shoes,” said a spokesperson for the company.

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