A pair of sneakers from Kanye West’s Adidas line that are just as great as the sneakers themselves

This is a collection of sneakers that Kanye West wore to the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. 

The first pair, which we found in New York, featured the same design, with black shoes and white accents, but with a gold trim on the upper.

The second pair was sold in stores and online, and has the same style, but this time with gold trim. 

In both versions, West wore a gold chain around his neck, and the shoe had a gold heel that was attached with a “Kanye West” logo. 

Both were available for sale on Kanye’s website for $100 apiece, but the gold version had a smaller gold chain that was not attached with the Kanye logo.

We got the gold model in New Yorkers, which is $110. 

It also had the same heel, which has the “KANYE WEST” logo embroidered on it. 

On eBay, the gold edition had an MSRP of $120, while the white model had an SDR of $100. 

We asked West about the shoes, and he said he “got them at Nike.” 

“I think I actually bought a pair,” he said.

“I just got them from Nike.”

The Kanye West x Adidas x Nike x Kanye West shoes – @adidas_adidas #kanyewest – $100 at @nikeadidasstore @nike adidas The shoe is available in all colors, and there is also a black version for $70. 

“It’s a really, really cool looking shoe,” West told us.

“It’s just something you can’t do.

You can’t put gold on a shoe and just be like, ‘Oh, you know what?

I don’t wear gold shoes.’

You can just put gold and just make it your own.

It’s cool.

I think I just got it at Nike, but it’s a real piece of fashion.”

West added that he had been wearing the sneakers since he was 15, and “I was just wearing them like, every day.

Like, they’re my favorite sneakers.”