3 men get suspended for wearing shoes with wheels

Three men have been suspended for allegedly using the wrong shoes in a court case, a senior government official said on Friday, in a rare case of the ministry enforcing its rules against wearing inappropriate shoes in public.

Read full story The men were arrested for violating the order to not wear shoes with the wheels on Monday when they arrived at the Kishanganj High Court, the official said, declining to give their identities.

The court ordered the men not to wear shoes in court, he said, adding the ministry is yet to announce the length of the ban on wearing the shoes.

The men, who were not named, were accused of breaking the order in the case of an elderly couple who had recently lost their property to a demolition company.

The elderly couple, who are from a different village, told the court they had bought the house in the locality of Shukkur, about 60 km from the court, to make a new home for their grandson, who has cerebral palsy.

The couple had been living in the house with their grandchildren.

They were in court to get a divorce when the demolition company’s demolition of the house was halted by the court.

The woman, whose son lives in the same house, and her daughter were summoned for the trial.

The trial, however, was delayed due to a court order.